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You can randomly connect to anyone from anywhere in the world. Start talking in a one on one voice chat. PartyLine is fun!

Fast and Easy

Fast and Easy

Trust me, it is so
simple to use.


It's Free

Yeah, I said it...
Download it for FREE.

Chat with Guys and Girls

Anyone, Anytime

For real? Choose
to connect to male or female.

voice chat

Voice Chat

Voice Chat App: PartyLine is the first voice chat for the iPhone and iPad. Yup... That's right, and guess what else is cool? PartyLine does the searching for you, no need to browse through profiles like other social sites or dating apps. Once a match is found, you are notified.

Random, Private
and Anonymous

Calls are private. No personal information is displayed. No one sees your phone number. Partyline uses our own VOIP technology and your WiFi/Data plan. No cellular minutes are used.

random, private and anonymous

Share photos while on a call

Now that's what im talkin' about. You can snap photo's and share them while talking. Only PartyLine can do that.

share photo while call on

start talking in minutes

Start Talking in MINUTES

Partyline connects you to live people faster than any other service. Enter Partyline, choose your match setup, press connect, and Partyline connects you in a one-on-one voice chat with another person.

new advanced featured

New Advanced Features

  • -Snap pictures while voice chatting,
    cool huh?
  • -PartyLine doesn't use your minutes,
    call your friends for free... seriously.
  • -Choose to connect to male or female.
    We don't waste your time.
  • -Age restriction to protect minors.
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